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Renesys is a company that scrutinizes and analyses raw data on the internet, in order to give clear insight to companies and businesses. It defines itself as: “the internet intelligence company”. It “specializes since 2000 in objective third-party analysis of internet markets and their evolution over time”.

Raw data and presentations are notably available on the Arab Near East.

2011 presentations:

–          Middle Eastern Internet trends, October 2011:

Report that shows internet connectivity within the countries of the region. Using raw data, it aims at establishing the trends for 2012.

It also highlights the role of regional and international operators.

–          Middle Eastern Internet update, May 2011:

Report highlighting the transition from ipv 4 (internet protocole version 4) to ipv 6 in theMiddle East. It also presents data onEgypt’s Internet black out, and features some “Hilbert curves” illustrating traffic in the region.

–          Egypt leaves Internet, February 2011:

This presentation features Internet traffic in and out ofEgyptbefore, while and after the black out.

2010 presentation:

Bahrein’s Internet ecosystem revisited, July 2010: 

Commissioned by the telecommunication regulatory authority of theKingdomofBahrain, this report shows an overview of the regions’ internet ecosystem and the kingdom’s ISPs (internet service providers), both regional and international. Furthermore, it highlights the transit relationships between these providers.

2009 presentation:


–          bahreins internet  ecosystem  2009

Presents an overview ofBahrain’s Internet ecosystem, and interconnections between local providers and international carriers




–          Google transparency report

Interactive tool that provides information about traffic to Google services throughout the world. It provides raw data about outage of services due to different factors. It can be browsed by countries or types of outage as well as types of government enquiries.

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