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The 20 songs that made the Web

The Web was yet to be a New Born in the 80’s.

However, it was la fin du siècle, the good old time of Technopop when everybody wanted to rule the World and the Sun always shined on TV. Who would have foreseen, 30 years ago, that transmission and conversation would shape tomorrow’s World?

At the beginning of the 90’s came the Miracle of the Web, not in a garage… but on the shores of Lake Leman! From a simple system of telecommunication, protocols and home computers, we moved to a network of information, and links that would eventually form the new grid of knowledge.

Although, perhaps too much information in this 20th Century Promised Land where you can express yourself with no limit? Maybe too much, but never enough for big data where everything counts in large amounts.

Nevertheless the real question with the Web is: are we on the road to nowhere?

No: we are (Weird Science?) Web Science!


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The 20 songs that made the Web: A-SIDE

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 The 20 songs that made the Web: B-SIDE

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