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When Freedom goes Global. Are we all equally safe on social media?

Extended abstract by Stéphane Bazan, Kristine Gloria (TWC-RPI) and Qingpeng ZHANG (TWC-RPI)

Presented at ACM Web Science Conference 2013 – Paris

<Full version available here>


This interdisciplinary research project draws attention to a growing concern for the geopolitical and cultural tensions now being exploited due to the internationalization of the Web. Building on previous research on the dangers of online mobilization in the Arab World, this project wants to show that the internationalization of the Web creates new challenges for Web platform providers that have to deal with national laws and local values. We argue that encoded within these technologies are westernized values that test and complicate our understanding of a truly global society. To illustrate this state of facts, our project looks in two directions: a quantitative approach on sentiment exposure following a Twitter scandal in France and a close reading of recent privacy strategies employed by Twitter and Google to present a transparent answer to inquiries by governments.

Read: [When Freedom goes Global. Are we all Equally Safe on Social Media]

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