UIR Web Science @CEMAM

USJ – Beirut / Lebanon

The Web Science Curriculum at work: The Digital Economy Master Program at USJ-Beirut

Paper by Stéphane Bazan and Michalis Vafopoulos

Presented at ACM Web Science Conference 2013 – Paris

Published in ACM Web Science Conference 2013 Proceedings

<Full text available Here>


In January 2012, Saint-Joseph University of Beirut’s Faculty of Economics decided to introduce the “Web Science and Digital Economy” Master program, based on the Web Science Curriculum. The design of this program raised a lot of questions among involved faculties, on the interdisciplinary nature of Web Science, on the need to engage students with understanding the impact of the Web on their discipline, on the identification of key learning outcomes in largely innovative topics and on the nature of the professional career profile expected. This research note describes the theoretical and pedagogical design process that lead to the initiation of key Web Science concepts in a Master of Economics Program.



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