Cybercrime / Cyberwarfare Research Workshop @ ACM WebSci14

The First International Web Science Cybercrime / Cyberwarfare Research Workshop will take place on the 23rd of June 2014 at Indiana University (Bloomington,USA) on the first day of the ACM Web Science Conference 2014.


This workshop is organised by:

  • Stéphane B. BAZAN, Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth, Lebanon
  • Dominic HOBSON, University of Southampton, UK
  • Neil MacEWAN, University of Southampton, UK
  • Lisa SUGIURA, University of Southampton, UK
  • Craig WEBBER, University of Southampton, UK


The motivation behind this workshop is to gather together researchers from different disciplines and ask them to share and evaluate their methodologies. How do we measure the impact of Cybercrime? How do we identify Cyberattacks? What data regarding an attack needs to be collected, and how should that be done? What methods are relevant to detect influence or efficiency of people and technologies who work hard to avoid detection?

Here, it is important to mention that the workshop is not intended to focus on types of Cybercrime or Cybersecurity technologies. The Web Science researcher is interested in understanding the impact of the Web on society, and in observing how humans from around the World, in various contexts, share (use) the Web to produce transformations on a large scale. This workshop will not be about fighting Cybercrime or fraudulent activities online, but about how the Web Science researcher should proceed, with an interdisciplinary approach, to identify, to understand, to measure and to reflect the reality of cybercrime. What do we know for certain about cybercrime & cyberwarfare? Are we working towards designing methodologies that will help us obtain a better understanding of the true situation?

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