UIR Web Science @CEMAM

USJ – Beirut / Lebanon

Web Culture

UIR Web Science proposes different courses that can be included in students curriculum at USJ.

Web Culture is a 21h course especially designed for humanities students who want to know more about the Web and its usage.

  • Given at Saint-Joseph University’s Humanities Campus
  • Designed for students majoring in:
    • Humanities
    • Education
    • Religious Science
    • History and International Relations
    • Psychology
  • 14 sessions of 90 minutes
  • 10 hours students individual preparations
  • Final test: Quiz (100 questions)

Course outline

  1. A short history of computers
  2. Basic technical concepts of the Internet
  3. The Web
  4. The Web site
  5. The social Web
  6. Web and society


  • The Memex. V. Bush.
  • What is web 2.0? O’Reilly.
  • A manifesto for Web Science. Halford, Pope, Carr.
  • The Web is dead. Anderson.
  • Long Live the Web. Berners-Lee.


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