Research Activities

The Interdisciplinary Research Unit Web Science (UIRWS), located at the Centre for Study of the Modern Arabic World (CEMAM) is the first research Lab in the Middle East to gather students and researchers around the interdisciplinary field of Web Science.

The area of study is the Arab Near East, which includes Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Most students and researchers linked to the UIR come from various scientific background like:

  • history
  • international relations
  • sociology
  • political science
  • information science
  • law
  • economics
  • education
  • philosophy

The UIR proposes regular research seminars where students and researchers share their progress and try to combine sociological approaches with an understanding of the Web technologies involved. The UIR has also launched different training activities (courses, seminars,…) on topics included in the Web Science curriculum. These courses are intended for university students, but are also open to professionals in Lebanon.

The UIR participated and presented papers and posters at the following ACM Web Science International Conferences WebSci10 in Raleigh, WebSci11 in Koblenz, WebSci12 in Evanston and Websci13 in Paris.

Our research topics

  • Asymetric Cyberwarfare on the Web in the Middle East
  • Impact of the Web on the Arab Near East Society
  • Web and Web Science education
  • Freedom and Repression on the Web in Syria

The UIR is hosted at Saint-Joseph University (USJ), a 130 years old private Jesuit institution, located in Ashrafieh, Central Beirut, Lebanon. USJ has 10000 students and 2000 academic staff.

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