Stéphane B. BAZAN

Stéphane B. BAZAN is Head of Research at UIR Web Science. At USJ since 2000, he also heads the New Educational Technology Unit at the Faculty of Education. Lecturer in Web Culture, Web Marketing and Web project design at USJ, Stéphane’s research collides Web Usage and Higher Education. Stéphane presented a paper and a poster at WebSci10, in Raleigh, on the subject of Interdisciplinary research in the context of the Arab Near East.

Stéphane is involved in the Web Science Curriculum Development Project, participated in the workshop at Southampton University in September 2010 and co-organized the “Teaching the Web with Web Science” workshop at ACM Web Science 2012.

At ACM WebSci 11 et 12, Stéphane joined the “Cyberwarfare” research group to participate in the poster and the article presented at these two Web Science conferences.

Research Projects:



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